Stephanie Wahlstrom

Production Coordinator / Writer

Stephanie began her career as a stand-in in the television series “Mentors”. She continued on to work in different positions for several years in the film & television industry until she decided to take the next step and received her Applied Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts from Red Deer College in 2004. She also gradua~ted from The University of Alberta in 2006 with a Double Major in English and Sociology. Stephanie then went on the adventure of her life and lived in New York City for a year while helping develop two feature films.

When she arrived back in Edmonton, Stephanie found Prairie Dog and began working on My Green House as a Writer and Production Coordinator.





Ron E. Scott

Executive Producer/

Jesse Szymanski


Tim E. Mayer

Post-Production Supervisor/Senior Editor

Stephanie Wahlstrom

Production Coordinator / Writer

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